About Us

As a result of over 3 years of hard work, on November 1, 2010 the City of Kirkland agreed to let KDOG (Kirkland Off Leash Dog Group) build and maintain a fenced off-leash park on a 2-acre plot, bordered by a wetland property owned by the City near the Municipal Court. The park was funded, built, and now operated by citizens and local businesses, with no funding from the City. Jasper's Dog Park opened on January 28, 2012.  JOIN US at www.meetup.com and help us keep the park gates open through volunteerism and donations.

KDOG is an all-volunteer non-profit, 501c3 organization created by Kirkland residents like you, who want safe, legal off leash areas within the Kirkland city limits. We hope this location will be the first of several sites where our dogs can legally be off-leash.

KDOG raised the necessary $55,000 Fall 2011 to build and operate Phase 1 of Kirkland's 1st dog park. 1.24 acres was developed.  Donations are encouraged in order to maintain the park.

Phase 1 of the park plan began with clearing the property of the dense carpet of blackberries, putting down landscape fabric and an 8 inch base of hog fuel (a woodchip-type material with a high sawdust content that is very absorbent) to smother invasive re-growth, and also included everything needed for a functioning dog park: airlock entry, fencing, signage, waste bags, waste bag dispensers, ground cover, dumpster, small dog run, donor and notice board, and maintenance costs for the initial 3 years.

Phase 2 of the park plan involved clearing additional  property for a 6 foot wide new park path for the entry way along with the addition of a new double gated entrance to the main off-leash area.  This project was completed in November 2012.  A bulletin board was added to the Small Dog Area in Fall 2012.  KDOG is also focused on more off-leash opportunities in Kirkland for the future.

Want to help? Donate to our efforts on our donations page or volunteer at upcoming events and work parties. Attend our General Meetings, and get involved.