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Why Donate?

Your financial support will help provide the park maintenance and supplies necessary to keep the park open and running smoothly. KDOG is an all volunteer group so 100% of your donation goes towards costs. There are no tax dollars or city funds going towards the park. The dog park is made possible by generous people like yourself. Help make Kirkland a dog-friendly city.

Want to become a KDOG Park Sponsor?

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KDOG is a federally approved 501c3 tax exempt non-profit organization. This means your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. We currently accept donations by:

  • Online using Paypal Donation
  • Mail donations to KDOG
  • At one of our many fundraisers
  • Want to give a specific item or service. Contact us to discuss details.

Donate Online

Mail Donations to KDOG

The KDOG president will accept and process all check donations

  • Make Checks Payable to: KDOG
  • Mail Donations to:

    Kirkland Dog Off-Leash Group
    9805 NE 116th Street
    PMB # 7204
    Kirkland, WA 98034

  • Please include your name, address, and email address.
  • A written receipt will be provided via mail or email.

Donate at a KDOG fundraiser

KDOG is currently busy doing many different fundraisers trying to get Kirkland residents aware of our organization as well as raise money to pay for the development and continued maintenance of an off leash dog park in Kirkland. Please see the events page for a list of upcoming events where you can help. Thanks!