Registration/Login Basics

KDOG.ORG uses OpenId and web standards to login and authenticate our users. This allows users to login into the KDOG site using existing popular website accounts. All authentication is done by the account originating site and KDOG NEVER seees or stores your password.


This is win win for both users and KDOG as users don't have to remember yet another username or password and KDOG doesn't have to provide the infastrucutre to safely support user passwords.
Another great benefit is KDOG allows you to associate multiple web accounts with your KDOG account. After your initial registration go to the "MyAccount" link on the upper toolbar and then find the "Add Additional Authorized Login" link. This lets you to associate more web accounts with your KDOG account allowing you to login in to KDOG using any of those accounts.
What are you waiting for? Its easy.


Just pick one popular web site you want to use to login from the options below and follow the 3 quick steps.

  1. Click a provider and login using your existing account
  2. Approve KDOG's access to your account (only for username and email address)
  3. Confirm the results and complete your KDOG registration.